Virtual Agile Product Management Training

New individual PM trainingWant to get Agile product management training, but can’t take the time away from the office?  Can’t find a public product management class near you, or can’t get travel budget?

Our new personalized, virtual Agile Product Management workshop provides the knowledge you’re seeking plus direct interaction with an experienced product management leader and the flexibility to fit into your busy schedule.

You may have looked at – or even tried – self-study programs.  They’re great, but I’ll bet you didn’t finish the material.  If you did, I’ll bet you had lots of questions that remain unanswered.

Here’s a better way to get online Agile product management training!

This new virtual, personalized workshop includes:

  • Personalized Product Management Skills Assessment to guide your learning journey
  • Five live, 90-minute virtual training sessions, covering these essential topics
  • Four personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, 45 minutes each, to pursue skills and topics that matter most to you
  • Personalized, confidential feedback on each homework assignment
  • Small cohort:  three to eight participants in each workshop to enable more individualized instruction
  • Access to a discussion group for peer-to-peer learning and support more interaction with instructor

With this unique virtual workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Create the building blocks that lead to product strategy and strategic roadmaps, helping you set priorities that grow product, business, and personal success
  • Focus your team so you can deliver value sooner and more reliably
  • Learn the latest best practices for product management in Agile environments so you can work seamlessly with your development teams
  • Find where your natural strengths fit in the product management process so you can find the ideal product management job
Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for:

  • Newer product managers in technology companies, especially those whose engineering teams are adopting Agile development methods
  • Product Owners who want to bring a longer-term, more strategic view of their products and applications to their teams
  • Anyone with technology company experience who wants to move to a product management role

Recommended pre-requisite:  technology company experience, so you understand the terminology

  • Virtual, live video-conference sessions that you can attend from anywhere you have bandwidth
  • Sessions will be scheduled for Tuesdays at 8am pacific time zone unless the cohort agrees on a different schedule
  • Group training sessions will be held over 5 consecutive weeks, with a sixth week to finish up your personalized coaching
  • Group training sessions will be recorded for later viewing if needed
  • Your instructor:  Linda Merrick
How much does this cost?  $995 USD  Save $200 – invite a friend!

Use the contact form at right to add your name to the wait list for the next course!



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