Virtual Agile Product Management Training Topics

The training content you’ll experience in the Virtual Agile Product Management Workshop is the same as we offer to our corporate clients – proven to be relevant and effective!Agile Product Management Training

In the first three sessions, you’ll learn about:

  • Product success drivers, so you’ll know where to focus your time and attention for the maximum results
  • The product management role and why it varies from company to company, so you can find your perfect role based on your strengths and goals
  • Product life cycles and how they guide the choices you make to maximize product contribution
  • Agile approaches to typical Product Management frameworks, to help your entire organization act with agility
  • How to create a winning product strategy from a set of simple “building block” questions and answers
  • How to create a roadmap that breaks your product strategy into a series of executable steps that your team can support
  • Setting objectives and determining the right KPIs to monitor to guide you to product success

The final two sessions will cover topics as determined by the results of your personal Product Management Skills Assessment and consensus of the participants.  They can include:

  • Writing effective Agile requirements so you get the right information to the team when they need it
  • Prioritizing requirements for value delivery, and how to gather data to support prioritiztation
  • Release planning that sets realistic expectations with both leadership and engineering
  • Agile product launch techniques that enable Marketing and Sales to maximize the results of Agile delivery
  • Using your KPIs to manage toward objectives and show you when to change course
  • Creating a lightweight business case that supports your proposal but avoids “paralysis by analysis”

Any topic not covered in a group class session can be covered in your personalized coaching!

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