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“Value” Starts With Product Management

Holden Advisors is my favorite source for pricing wisdom. In their latest newsletter, Mark Holden writes:

“Value-based pricing is a bit like a magic show – everyone watches and enjoys, but they don’t really know how it’s done. ” Continue reading

All Hail, the Product Info Binder

Is your popularity killing you? As a product manager, a great deal of your value resides in your customer, market and product knowledge, and so people should be seeking you out.  But if you find yourself fielding a lot of time-consuming and repetitive information  requests,… Continue reading

Positioning Your Products Internally

I recently had the honor of participating on a panel for Woods Creek Consulting’s Sales Executive Peer Group.  The topic of discussion:  Building a Lengendary Relationship with Product Management.  There were several good points brought up in the conversation (more in future posts), but here’s… Continue reading