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Three Tips for Working Better With Sales

Welcome to 2010!  For most of us, January brings a flurry of activity preparing for the annual Sales Kickoff.  Your Sales team is an important “window” into what’s going on in your market place.  Here are three of our favorite ways to make sure the window stays… Continue reading

How Do Product Managers Work with Sales?

At first glance, last month’s survey responses make it seem like the relationship between PM and Sales is a one-way street. Product Managers train sales reps, answer their questions, provide input into RFPs, and even go on sales calls. So far, that describes almost every… Continue reading

Good Execution Beats a Bad Idea

In case you haven’t figured it out, I read Fortune magazine regularly. This issue includes the “Best Advice I Ever Got” feature, with an interview of Wilbur Ross (of International Steel fame). He quotes a mentor as saying “You’re better off backing a mediocre idea… Continue reading

Beyond Product Features – The Full Customer Experience

A guest post by Don Vendetti  I admit it.  I’m an online shopaholic.  My addiction started over a decade ago when Amazon delivered my first book right to my doorstep, painlessly and effortlessly.   From there I progressed to flowers, gift baskets, electronics, shoes, travel and… Continue reading

Paycheck Predictions for 2010

Good news from the October “PM Paycheck Predictions” Survey! 39% are expecting an increase, although in a few cases it would just return them to their pre-crash pay levels. 43% are holding steady, including the entrepreneur who is reinvesting in their business. 18% predict a… Continue reading

Product Owner/Product Manager: Can You be Both?

Agile’s changes ripple through the organization beyond the Development group.  Chief among the big questions that arise: can the Product Manager be the Product Owner?  The dual role has its challenges!  Here are the two key challenges you’ll face, and some hard-won tips on navigating… Continue reading

How our readers contribute to the budgeting process

September’s 30-second survey asked about how product managers participate in the budgeting process. Continue reading

Pricing: Recovery Ready, or in a Death Spiral?

In their September newsletter, pricing experts Holden Advisors began talking about what you need to do to be ready if recovery is indeed on its way.  They also talked about the issues with bringing your price levels back up if you’ve resorted to deep discounting on your… Continue reading

Are We Losing the Turf War?

This post was inspired by the recent broughaha in Rick Chapman’s blog (Google it, I don’t want to give him yet another link to his blog). In it, he questioned the need for product managers in an SaaS organization. Here’s the question that I think needs to be examined:
What if he’s right? Continue reading