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You Can Lead Without Authority

Tom Grant’s recent post “Product Managers Must Have The Opportunity to Be Leaders” got me thinking again about this concept of authority and Product Management. Tom wraps up his post with this thought: “Best practices for PM’s role in innovation, or any other job function,… Continue reading

When the strategy is a mystery

A colleague recently voiced frustration that their divisional strategy is far from clear, yet they are accountable for following it and delivering results against it.  Does this problem sound familiar? Here are a few good ways to cope: 1. Look for “breadcrumb trails” – Find a… Continue reading

Paycheck Predictions for 2010

Good news from the October “PM Paycheck Predictions” Survey! 39% are expecting an increase, although in a few cases it would just return them to their pre-crash pay levels. 43% are holding steady, including the entrepreneur who is reinvesting in their business. 18% predict a… Continue reading

Self-Improvement Survey Results

August’s survey asked what source of career-related self improvement information you use most frequently. Continue reading