Six Signs Your Agile Teams Need Better Product Management

shutterstock_6936685Kudos to all the software development groups out there that have adopted Agile methods with some degree of success!  However, it’s not all sunshine and kittens yet.  Here are some of the complaints that I hear when I work with Agile Teams or attend conferences:

  • Roadmap and backlog priorities change wildly and frequently.  Actually, there is no roadmap.  And for that matter, there’s no vision, no release goals or sprint goals.
  • The Team gets held up by decisions that no one, including the PO or PdM, knows how to make.
  • The Team released the app but nobody used it.
  • Tech Support/Help Desk/Sales/Marketing have no idea what just deployed to production. We sent the email… didn’t anybody read it?
  • Backlog priorities are set by product management opinion, whim, or decree.
  • No one knows what to do with the applications that didn’t hit their objectives, or what the objectives were to begin with.

If any of these sound familiar, you’re not alone.  Optimizing your software development process is just the first step to getting products out the door faster, creating happier customers, and becoming a more profitable company.  As Lean principles tell us, you need to “optimize the whole”.  The next step in your optimization path is Product Management!  Give us a shout and we’ll help you put a program together that improves your Product Management process and skills, and gets it working smoothly with your Agile Teams.

What are your Agile teams complaining about???

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