Scaled Agile Framework® PM-PO Training

For larger development teams, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) provides techniques that enable multiple Agile teams to work together to build and maintain large-scale applications.  The reason we like SAFe as an Agile scaling method is that SAFe includes a defined interface to the business, and recognizes that Product Management is a key element of that interface.  Product Management defines priorities at the Program Layer, and in commercial software organizations, often manages the Portfolio Layer.

As a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4), I can assist in your SAFe transformation in the following ways: Certified for SAFe 4.0
  • Teach the SAFe Product Manager Product Owner Workshop (v.4.0)
  • Supplement SAFe Product Management training to ensure consistent practices and quality in the non-technical portions of Product Management (see below)
  • Conduct group coaching sessions to help your Product Managers and Product Owners prepare for Program Increment Planning sessions
  • Establish a Product Council that manages the analysis and prioritization of Portfolio-level investments
  • Help you set up and run a Product Management and Product Owner Center of Excellence within or parallel to your Lean-Agile Center of Excellence or Agile Working Group

Supplement your SAFe PM-PO Training to Strengthen Product Management Practices

The SAFe PM-PO course helps Product Managers and Product Owners understand how to interact with their SAFe development teams.  However, many Product Managers have never had formal product management training, and may not be expert in the activities and techniques that inform the key deliverables to the SAFe process, such as:

  • Performing the market and competitive analysis that drives product priorities and profitability
  • Preparing business cases and guiding business investment decisions
  • Creating a strategy for your product and using it to guide priorities over the product life cycle
  • Creating an Agile “vision” statement that guides near-term development priorities
  • Creating Go To Market plans that leverage the power of “Develop on cadence. Release any time.”
  • Using Cross-functional Product Teams to align the organization for timely and trouble-free releases
  • Setting up fast feedback cycles that inform and validate priorities, design, and your SAFe teams’ work

For SAFe Gold, Silver, and Bronze Partners

Boost the credibility of your transformation team by including an experienced software product manager and trainer, certified for SPC 4.0!   While the development teams may be ready to embrace SAFe, you’ll need transformation team members that can reach into the business and help Product Managers and other key stakeholders understand their role in SAFe and how to optimize their own processes to operate in the SAFe environment.   Plus, you can expand your training team to offer more Leading SAFe and SAFe for Teams courses.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your clients’ SAFe transformations.

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