Product Roadmapping Workshop

Product Roadmapping WorkshopEver find yourself thinking any of these phrases when it comes to product roadmaps?

“No matter how I load the items on the roadmap, it gets changed within a week by an executive or by Sales needing something for the next big sale.”

“Nobody believes our roadmaps because all the releases are delivered late; sometimes, *very* late.”

“We have too many versions of roadmaps circulating in our organization – Sales wants one tailored for every customer presentation.”

Maybe it’s time to try something different!  When you participate in Pivotal Product Management’s 1-day Strategic Product Roadmapping Workshop, you’ll emerge with a defensible and achievable roadmap that illustrates the path to greater product success.  In the workshop, you’ll:

  • Identify strategic product roadmap drivers.
  • Identify information gaps that will derail your product roadmap.
  • Explore prioritization models that show you how to optimize precious resources.
  • Build a strategic product roadmap.
  • Define a process to gain consensus and approval of your product roadmaps, and update them on a regular cadence.
  • Practice effectively communicating roadmaps internally and externally.

Want to find out more?

Use the contact form on the right and ask for the Product Roadmapping Workshop syllabus!

Who Should Attend

This workshop is offered onsite only for teams of 5-12 participants.

  • Product Managers who are responsible for planning future releases of their product
  • Scrum Product Owners who need help with mapping future product or application activities to better manage stakeholder expectations
  • Leaders of Product Management teams who want to improve roadmap effectiveness, streamline the process, and easily roll up individual roadmaps for product line, portfolio, and enterprise views.

Course Details

Fee: Contact us for team pricing
Length: One day
Format: Instructor-led training
Location:  On-site at your facility


  • Extend your Agile Product Management Intensive® course with this 1-day Roadmapping Workshop to provide a deep-dive on this essential product management skill
  • Add a half-day Strategy Workshop before this 1-day Roadmapping Workshop to craft or refine product strategy before building your roadmaps
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