Product Quick-Start Workshop

You know the feeling — you know you need to pull a team together and get the latest product idea “kick-started”. But there’s never enough time! You’ve tried sending emails to explain the concept and solicit input; you’ve tried setting aside an hour a week to work on it; you’ve tried to get Sales to fill out the “New Product Idea” form.shutterstock_14099683 300x300

Nada. Still not making progress. Every week that ticks by is potential revenue and market opportunity lost, forever.

What if you and your team could invest a few quality hours and turn your ideas into informed and achievable action items?  In this 5 hour workshop, you’ll create:

  • a list of likely customer targets and qualifying questions
  • user and buyer persona drafts
  • problem, solution, and value proposition hypotheses ready for testing with target customers
  • a list of interview questions to gain insight into problems, solutions, channels, and pricing
  • a first-level competitive analysis and positioning hypothesis
  • a list of additional market information needs
  • a single-page summary of the product concept
  • excitement for the concept, and commitment to finding the answers

And you’ll get tools and templates to help organize the information you’re finding.

No advance preparation necessary!  Just bring the knowledge in your head and on your laptop, plus representatives from Development, Marketing, User Experience, and Sales or Business Development.  You’ll stay focused and productive with the help of an experienced product management leader and facilitator.

While you’ll learn how to do this on your own for future product concepts, consider this from a recent workshop customer:

“It’s hard for a team members to both facilitate and contribute.  And to hold participants to a high standard.  Having an experienced facilitator to guide us through a proven process is well worth it!”

What is your next product worth each week in revenue?  Don’t delay another week!  Contact us to schedule your workshop today.


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