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Product management training is hard to find!  Not many colleges offer classes, and you can’t graduate with a degree in product management. MBAs are helpful, but what most MBAs are missing is the notion of how product management works as a process, and a cross-functional one at that.

Product managers who haven’t been through a product management training program are probably missing some pieces of the puzzle, and aren’t as effective as they could be. Even those who have been through popular product marketing training programs report that they see product management in a new, more powerful way once they’ve completed Pivotal Product Management’s training.

We tailor our programs to address your organization’s desired improvements.  Then we bring your organization’s process and products into the classroom and apply new learning immediately to your challenges.  This makes learning relevant and ensures that the time spent in training pays off instantly in improved work-related outputs.

And that’s not all. We follow up each product management training program with 1:1 coaching. Research shows that training with follow-up coaching is up to four times as effective as training alone!

Here’s the first step

We’re always happy to brainstorm solutions with you. Contact us today at 1-866-647-5397 to discuss the areas in which your product management team would like to become stronger, faster, and more successful.


Agile Product Management Intensive®

This 2-day workshop covers key product management concepts you can’t get from any other SAFe, Agile or Scrum training. Learn how product lifecycle, product strategy and roadmaps, positioning, requirements, and launch prep change when you’re working in an Agile environment. We tailor the program to your needs, based on your input.


Based on our own experience managing and developing product managers, our coaching service accelerates the adoption of new skills and processes. Supplemental coaching sessions come in packages at a very reasonable price.

Pivotal Product Management Awards

Pivotal Product Management’s AIPMM “Excellence in Product Management Training” Awards






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