Product Management Skills Assessment

A personalized skills assessment of each Product Manager that forms the basis for professional development and helps make your team stronger. time to improve concept clock

The product manager role is defined so broadly that it’s difficult to excel at all aspects. Using the Pivotal Product Management (PPM) Skills Assessment, you can identify priority skills for your organization, and assess individual team members on those priorities. Then, establish a personalized baseline for skill development and measuring skills improvement.

The PPM Skills Assessment program is a comprehensive, qualitative measurement of an individual’s current skills and behaviors across ten performance categories. These encompass key product management and product marketing responsibilities, as well as the most critical soft skills that cross-functional leaders need:

  • Business planning
  • Customer focus
  • Market assessment
  • Product strategy and roadmaps
  • Development planning and management
  • Product marketing and launch
  • Portfolio management
  • Leadership and decision making
  • Communication and presentation
  • Matrix and team management

How It Works

The PPM Skills Assessment is composed of 65-80 questions about the skills and tasks that are key indicators of product management success, customized to your organization’s definition of product management.  Participants self-score their experience and knowledge relating to each area via an online survey that takes about 15 minutes to complete.  Executives can participate by identifying the importance of those same skills and tasks to indicate where they expect the product management team to focus its resources.

Assessment summary reports provide individual product managers with feedback from peers and managers, and highlight opportunities for training, coaching, and mentoring.

Repeat the PPM Skills Assessment annually as part of career development planning, to show growth and improvement over time.

How It’s Used

Pivotal Product Management clients use the PPM Skills Assessment program in three ways:

  1. To develop tailored training and improvement programs that increase product management effectiveness and product success rates.
  2. To measure the executive team’s expectations of product management and product marketing activities and results.
  3. To build consensus within the executive and mid-management levels regarding the focus of the product management and product marketing functions.
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