Paycheck Predictions for 2010

Good news from the October “PM Paycheck Predictions” Survey!

  • 39% are expecting an increase, although in a few cases it would just return them to their pre-crash pay levels.
  • 43% are holding steady, including the entrepreneur who is reinvesting in their business.
  • 18% predict a downward trend.

Comments indicate the recent reductions in pay seem to have happened more in bonus and incentive pay, and less in base salaries. If pay doesn’t rebound by next year, one respondent said, it would be because revenue trends leave the company “playing it safe.”

One Product Manager answered in rhyme:

While I agree the prospects look good
It’s not all good in the neighborhood
I will wait to see if our sales close
Meanwhile I’ll keep looking at my toes

That’s a good strategy for any economic climate!

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