Motivating the Cross-Functional Team

Probably the best and the worst things about cross-functional teams are that they’re … cross functional.

They’re great because you get all those functional experts working together to make your product more successful.  But the bad news is that each person on your team already has a full-time job, and making time to work on your product team can be a challenge for them.

Identifying the Barriers

If you’re working in an organization that has recently adopted or revised the product management process, you might have people on your team who used to do part of what YOU’RE now doing.

It’s possible they’re not happy about handing off part of their job.  After all, we know that product management is the most fun job on the planet – so no wonder they’re cranky!  Plus, it may be that they were once “in charge,” and they might feel that the loss of responsibility is a sign of weakness.

On the other hand, you might have people who believe that “knowledge is power” and don’t believe in sharing.   Or, you might have people who feel under-appreciated – or just plain overworked!

WIIFM:  Sure-Fire Technique for Getting the Team on Your Side

Here’s a sure-fire technique for getting the team on your side:  the “What’s In It For Me” rule.  You can use WIIFM to overcome resistance by looking at each individual’s point of view and truly understanding their issues.  Then, give them what they need – and they’ll keep coming back for more!

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