How Do Product Managers Work with Sales?

At first glance, last month’s survey responses make it seem like the relationship between PM and Sales is a one-way street.

Product Managers train sales reps, answer their questions, provide input into RFPs, and even go on sales calls. So far, that describes almost every respondent’s relationship with Sales.

But when it comes time to reciprocate, Sales isn’t. While they do share competitive data, they’re not eagerly coming forward with win/loss information (29% – yet another reason to take on this task), sharing pipeline data (53%), or collaborating on sales forecasts (41%).

Yet, when we asked “What’s your secret to working successfully with the Sales team?” we heard a consistent note through most of the responses: Listen. Here’s a sampling of the comments:

“Figure out what they need to be successful.” “Stay positive and really listen to their concerns.” “Be a good listener.” And finally, simply, “Listen, listen, listen!”

We’d add to that, ask a few more questions, and then listen!

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