Product Management Haiku

What’s Haiku?

product management haiku

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, traditionally printed in a single vertical line. Haiku in English generally appear in three lines, usually with specific syllable counts, to parallel the three metrical phrases of Japanese haiku. The classic English haiku line/syllable format is “5/7/5.”

Haiku is especially helpful for product managers and product marketers; it helps boil your message down to its essence!

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Out With The Old
New teams want agile process
Original architechts and execs still linger
Oh discord… Why must Product Mgr be the arbiter?


Your product or mine
Your product or mine
Don’t be confused about it
Won’t bring happiness

Halim Dunsky

Old System Development Rules made new
Wild Enthusiasm, make a cool acronym, disillusionment
Search for the guilty, punishment of the innocent
NOTHING works until v 3.0 ask Bill, promotion of the non participant

George Prater Architect (and some Prod Mgmt UW)

All roads lead to me
I am the Product Manager
I must be crazy

– anon

The Professor
The love of teaching
Good mentors inspire within
Passion to Succeed

Angela Campbell

Law of Attraction
In current social content ecosystem
Good Content beats the web crawlers
SEO is Internet’s Law of Attraction

Omar Aloyoun 

Launch Disaster
No clear goals for launch
No cross-functional launch team
Blamestorm imminent

Chris Cummings

Google Products Secret
Google Adopted A Secret Formula
Simplicity Is The Utltimate Sophistication
Quote by “Leonardo Da Vinci”

Omar Aloyoun 

The Roadmap
Eureka! I’ve found
a place where roadmaps seldom
change: Rand McNally.

John Curtis

Sartre Was Right
Arbitrary deadline,
Fire drill again!
Oh, where is my pizza?

Sally Carter

Holiday Dreams
Dear Santa, bring me
an exec team with some sense.
Or else a new job!

Grinchy in Green Bay

Quality Improvement
check, check and recheck
if not, product line will slip

Joseph Spence, Sr.

I often wonder
am I the product or is
the real product me?

– Confusious PM

Usability almost
is important says the boss
but not funded! psych!

Trevor Rotzien

The Product Manager
Products and features
Come to life, improve business
PRD wizard

Bonnie Taepakdee

Spiralling Out of Control
This was working, right
But it is not working now
Here we go again

Jerry Vaughn

Bug Testing at Freelock
web pages might go awry
hopefully this works


At Stake
the engineer errs
and writes a patch, the PM errs
and both lose their jobs

David Asher

Find time, find some time
to do some great product management work
Oops no, got this call!

Sandeep Mangla

Blind development
Market demand is not met
thus we need the spec

Kate Thorsen

A sad little rumination on expectations, craftsmanship and hope
My MRD rocks
Devs begin to laugh loudly
Reality strikes

Thomas Brooks

Innovative Reality
New product. No cash.
Fervent prayers for just one thing:
early adopters

Scott McLeod

In my solitude
Cares cleansed from my weary mind
My hope is renewed

Hank Byington

The Last Haiku
Bug bash finally done
We’re almost feature complete
Where are my car keys?


User needs explored
Product features set
Customers rejoice!

Lin Lindsey

Finance Haiku
“Sold” does not always
mean dollars can be counted
GAAP clouds the forecast

Linda Merrick

Crossing chasms well;
That’s the theory anyway.
I hope to keep up.

Matt Bogusz

Forgot Something
Pricing was set
Collateral was ready
Finance pulled the plug

Mara Krieps

Products are key
Process is essential
Design for Customer Delight

Bruce Nowjack

A flurry of angst
Hasty, troubling tradeoffs
We’re feature complete

Thomas Brooks

River flows
thousand years
river flows
dead or alive – Doesn’t matter


Mean Finance guy
fully burdened my product
Oh no! Watch it drown

Mara Krieps

Can’t handle the truth
A roadmap, humbug
You want to pay, we will add
Have forecast to meet


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