Get Ready for Communication 2.0

In these Agile and Lean times, collaboration within teams and across departments is key.  But in our experience, every department speaks its own internal language, which can stand in the way of getting all the brilliant people in your organization to communicate – particularly the techies and non-techies, right?

So grab your engineers and sign up for Softskills for Geeks:  Communicating 2.0 on April 29.  This course will assist you in quickly understanding team and interpersonal dynamics from a technology point of view. You will learn and practice valuable skills that link interpersonal dynamics to concepts you already know – a scientifically-proven, effective way for you to learn. This course first provides the conceptual tools. You will then be guided to custom build your own practice of these tools, and coached on how to apply them to your work environment and relationships. The skills you learn will be useful to you in every facet of life, whether at work or in your personal daily activities.

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