Data-Driven Product Management

data-driven product managementManaging web-based and mobile applications provides amazing amounts of data about user activities.  But which data is important?  How do you use the data to improve business results?  How can product managers be accountable for business results when so much is happening out of their control?

This new 1-day course is designed to help product managers use data to improve product performance and business results.

Via interactive workshop format, participants will:

  • Determine which data is important for dashboarding and driving experiments
  • Create one or more hypotheses that can be used to find insights and improve business results
  • Build a financial model as a basis for forecasting the impact of proposed changes
  • Compare multiple types of prioritization methods and determined how to incorporate value and cost drivers in each
  • Fine-tune processes to create learning loops and implement double-loop learning

Need more information?

Use the contact form on the right to request a detailed syllabus for this workshop!

Who Should Attend

This workshop is offered onsite only for teams of 5-15 participants.

  • Product Managers who are responsible for web based, SaaS, and/or mobile applications.
  • Product Managers who are new to managing e-commerce applications.
  • Product Management leaders who want to encourage their teams to go beyond “counting clicks” and focus on impacting business results.

Course Details

Fee: Contact us for team pricing
Length: One day
Format: Instructor-led training
Location:  On-site at your facility


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