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Recipe for a Perfect Product Manager

If you could go to the pantry and gather ingredients for the perfect Product Manager, what would they be? Readers of last month’s newsletter gave us their secret recipe: Preheat oven to 98.6 degrees. Marinate the Determination in the Realism while you prepare the other… Continue reading

Check out our Haiku page

Feel like you’re ready to tear your hair out?  Take a 30-second break and get a little product management zen on our Haiku page.   Then boil your situation down to 17 syllables and share them!

Pivotal PM’s Thanksgiving Master Plan Tool

In the U.S. it’s the week when we amateur chefs roll up our collective sleeves and apply our best project-, product-, and program management skills toward orchestrating the ultimate Thanksgiving feast!  And if you ever wished for a master planning spreadsheet to help with the… Continue reading