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Paycheck Predictions for 2010

Good news from the October “PM Paycheck Predictions” Survey! 39% are expecting an increase, although in a few cases it would just return them to their pre-crash pay levels. 43% are holding steady, including the entrepreneur who is reinvesting in their business. 18% predict a… Continue reading

Product Owner/Product Manager: Can You be Both?

Agile’s changes ripple through the organization beyond the Development group.  Chief among the big questions that arise: can the Product Manager be the Product Owner?  The dual role has its challenges!  Here are the two key challenges you’ll face, and some hard-won tips on navigating… Continue reading

Avoiding Certification: One Less Reason

I’m sure the debate is still raging about whether to get certified or not.  We still think you should – it will help your resume get sorted into the “follow-up” pile when you need it most.  If you’re leaning toward AIPMM Certification but have been… Continue reading

How to avoid cannibalization when adding to your line?

Thanks to Jeff Lash for the opportunity to answer this question on his “Ask A Good Product Manager” blog.  You can see the question and the reply here.

Pink-faced – and without product management?

The ongoing data loss travails of T-Mobile Sidekick customers, and the related Major Maalox Moments for the Microsoft Danger/Pink team, made us wonder about the role of Product Management for Danger/Pink:  Does the function even exist on the team?  Did anyone think to create a disaster plan or rollback plan?  And is someone… Continue reading

How our readers contribute to the budgeting process

September’s 30-second survey asked about how product managers participate in the budgeting process. Continue reading

Pricing: Recovery Ready, or in a Death Spiral?

In their September newsletter, pricing experts Holden Advisors began talking about what you need to do to be ready if recovery is indeed on its way.  They also talked about the issues with bringing your price levels back up if you’ve resorted to deep discounting on your… Continue reading


Welcome to Pivotal Product Management’s blog, the Pivot Post.  We’re Linda & Mara, and we’ll take turns posting here (and we might not always agree!). There are so many great PM blogs out there, providing excellent advice for product managers.  We hope to contribute to the pool. What… Continue reading

Five Steps to Better Decisions

How long has it been since you shook your head in dismay at an executive decision that seemed to ignore the facts? Research shows there are two key ways that the brain interferes with good decision-making. Find out what they are, and how product managers can combat their effects. Continue reading

Are We Losing the Turf War?

This post was inspired by the recent broughaha in Rick Chapman’s blog (Google it, I don’t want to give him yet another link to his blog). In it, he questioned the need for product managers in an SaaS organization. Here’s the question that I think needs to be examined:
What if he’s right? Continue reading