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Using Metrics to Manage the Growth Stage

Measuring product success throughout the product life cycle is a fundamental skill for product managers in any size or type of organization.  But many struggle with identifying the “right set” – does it include only product-specific reporting, or should broader company goals be included?  Here’s… Continue reading

Positioning Your Products Internally

I recently had the honor of participating on a panel for Woods Creek Consulting’s Sales Executive Peer Group.  The topic of discussion:  Building a Lengendary Relationship with Product Management.  There were several good points brought up in the conversation (more in future posts), but here’s… Continue reading

Check out our Haiku page

Feel like you’re ready to tear your hair out?  Take a 30-second break and get a little product management zen on our Haiku page.   Then boil your situation down to 17 syllables and share them!

Linda shares Business Case Secrets at PMEC

This year’s Product Management Education Conference was the best, ever!  Great speakers, and always great to meet more product managers from around the world. Here’s our Business Case Secrets presentation for those who missed the conference.  Check out the Resources on slide 23 for a free… Continue reading

Retrospectives: Key to Product Planning

A regularly scheduled product retrospective is an important part of the product manager’s job. As we close out the calendar year, it’s a good time to complete this work. What’s the best way to to it?  Some take a “rear-view-only” pragmatic approach: report on release delivery, revenue… Continue reading

How Do You Get Focused on Product Strategy?

The November Pivot Point Newsletter survey asked you how you get focused on the product strategy and the overall company strategy. Most of the Product Managers who responded to the survey say they start by looking at information from the market. This approach was chosen… Continue reading

Pivotal PM’s Thanksgiving Master Plan Tool

In the U.S. it’s the week when we amateur chefs roll up our collective sleeves and apply our best project-, product-, and program management skills toward orchestrating the ultimate Thanksgiving feast!  And if you ever wished for a master planning spreadsheet to help with the… Continue reading

Good Execution Beats a Bad Idea

In case you haven’t figured it out, I read Fortune magazine regularly. This issue includes the “Best Advice I Ever Got” feature, with an interview of Wilbur Ross (of International Steel fame). He quotes a mentor as saying “You’re better off backing a mediocre idea… Continue reading

Beyond Product Features – The Full Customer Experience

A guest post by Don Vendetti  I admit it.  I’m an online shopaholic.  My addiction started over a decade ago when Amazon delivered my first book right to my doorstep, painlessly and effortlessly.   From there I progressed to flowers, gift baskets, electronics, shoes, travel and… Continue reading

Trenches: Hazardous to Your Career

One of the things we teach in our 2-day Product Management Intensive workshop is how to get out of the trenches and get a 30,000 foot view once in awhile. Working with clients and coaching our students just reinforces for me how important this is,… Continue reading