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HBR’s Top 10 “Must Read” Articles

From what we’ve seen, Product Managers are avid readers.  So here are the top 10 “must read” Harvard Business Review articles, and all of them applicable to product management.  They include classics from Clayton Christensen, Michael Porter, Peter Druker, Kaplan & Norton, and Theodore Levitt.  If… Continue reading

Get Ready for Communication 2.0

In these Agile and Lean times, collaboration within teams and across departments is key.  But in our experience, every department speaks its own internal language, which can stand in the way of getting all the brilliant people in your organization to communicate – particularly the… Continue reading

You Can Lead Without Authority

Tom Grant’s recent post “Product Managers Must Have The Opportunity to Be Leaders” got me thinking again about this concept of authority and Product Management. Tom wraps up his post with this thought: “Best practices for PM’s role in innovation, or any other job function,… Continue reading

Recipe for a Perfect Product Manager

If you could go to the pantry and gather ingredients for the perfect Product Manager, what would they be? Readers of last month’s newsletter gave us their secret recipe: Preheat oven to 98.6 degrees. Marinate the Determination in the Realism while you prepare the other… Continue reading

How Agile Is Your Product Team?

Last month’s Input survey asked about Agile or Lean adoption in your product development or IT team, and we can see that many  organizations are still struggling with adoption. About a third of the respondents are reaping the benefits of Agile or Lean for most or all initiatives.  As one… Continue reading

The Key to cross-functional team effectiveness

Here’s a great video clip about how to get your cross-functional team really pulling together: Requires registration (free).

PM vs. PO: The Bridge Between Agile and the Business

We’ve heard lots of discussion on how to fit Product Owners into organizations.  The answer is often  “It depends” … but we don’t see much discussion of the primary driver of that decision.  It’s not your culture, not the org chart, or the existing skill… Continue reading

Business Cases: Avoid These Common Traps

With an economy that’s shifting toward expansion, many of us will have opportunities to propose new business cases in the coming months.  If you’re working on one now, or will be soon, be sure to avoid these common mistakes that can cause your business case to… Continue reading

When the strategy is a mystery

A colleague recently voiced frustration that their divisional strategy is far from clear, yet they are accountable for following it and delivering results against it.  Does this problem sound familiar? Here are a few good ways to cope: 1. Look for “breadcrumb trails” – Find a… Continue reading

Survey: Product Investments for 2010

Last month’s “Input” survey asked what product-related investments Product Managers will propose this year. The good news:  Even in this erratic economy, the majority of Product Managers are proposing investments in existing or new products.  When asked what type of product-related investments they would analyze or… Continue reading