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Software PMs: Are you managing software debt?

This post is for the Product Managers who work with software development teams.  Not just those working on commercial offerings, but also those who work with IT teams to build internally-used applications and systems. “What’s software debt?”  you ask.  You know that long list of bugs in… Continue reading

Can You “Dance With The Stars”?

Can you imagine showing up for your big moment on Dancing With The Stars  and then not performing the same dance step your partner is performing?  You wouldn’t get very far in the competition. Organizations do this every day when they don’t bother to use… Continue reading

The Ideal Product Manager Comp Plan

Wouldn’t you love it if your boss asked you this question? In June, our Input survey asked you to tell us the components of the perfect compensation plan for a product manager. And you did – we maxed out the limit on our survey responses almost immediately! Here are the results. Continue reading

The Stuff in the Middle

I was having lunch with one of the other UW Software Product Management program instructors earlier this week, and the topic turned to roadmaps.  I was curious to know how his firm approached creating roadmaps. Start/Finish, High/Low Are Covered Like one of the firms we… Continue reading

Lies, Damn Lies and Roadmaps

You know the drill… a key customer wants you and their Account Manager to show up and present your latest roadmap, so they can see when they’ll be receiving their long-awaited products or enhancement requests. Of course, you did that nine months ago, promising said… Continue reading

Leadership: When to Speak, When to Be Silent

Great product managers know when they should speak up and when they shouldn’t – a key leadership skill that comes with long experience.  But if you don’t have the long experience, how do you develop this skill? Verbal Leadership – The Right Time to Speak… Continue reading

Gaining Credibility with Executives

In the circle of influence, what is your proximity to key executives or managers?  Do you have daily contact and/or rapport?  Or is your proximity infrequent, rare or non-existent?  If you struggle from a credibility gap, consider paying attention to the language that executives use. … Continue reading

Publishing Your Product Info Binder

Now that you know the importance of a product information binder for your sales team and how to get started gathering the material, your next challenges are to distribute the information and get Sales to use it first, instead of calling you. Distributing the Information… Continue reading

Moving up, moving out

Our April Input survey asked about your plans for your next role.  Your responses covered the spectrum, reflecting a “work hard, play hard” attitude.  Responses were distributed about equally between moving up and branching out, with a few focused on getting some serious down time.  But every respondent… Continue reading

All Hail, the Product Info Binder

Is your popularity killing you? As a product manager, a great deal of your value resides in your customer, market and product knowledge, and so people should be seeking you out.  But if you find yourself fielding a lot of time-consuming and repetitive information  requests,… Continue reading