Category: Agile Product Management

Re-inventing (Agile) Product Management

As I participate in various Agile professional and networking groups, I often leave the meetings wondering why the Agile community is re-inventing product management, one step at a time. Is it because we’re doing such a terrible job? Or is it because they honestly don’t… Continue reading

Mastering the Product Retrospective

Author’s note:  This is an update of a post from 2009. A regularly scheduled product retrospective is an important part of the product manager’s job. A product retrospective is similar to any other Agile retrospective, but focuses on product performance instead of team performance. In an… Continue reading

Five Things Product Owners Can Learn From Product Managers

As more and more software organizations adopt agile methods, the lack of strong Product Ownership is becoming more acute and is a limiting factor in the success of agile implementations.  Even when you have a competent Product Owner by Scrum certification standards, over the long… Continue reading