Category: 30-second Surveys

Moving up, moving out

Our April Input survey asked about your plans for your next role.  Your responses covered the spectrum, reflecting a “work hard, play hard” attitude.  Responses were distributed about equally between moving up and branching out, with a few focused on getting some serious down time.  But every respondent… Continue reading

Recipe for a Perfect Product Manager

If you could go to the pantry and gather ingredients for the perfect Product Manager, what would they be? Readers of last month’s newsletter gave us their secret recipe: Preheat oven to 98.6 degrees. Marinate the Determination in the Realism while you prepare the other… Continue reading

How Do Product Managers Work with Sales?

At first glance, last month’s survey responses make it seem like the relationship between PM and Sales is a one-way street. Product Managers train sales reps, answer their questions, provide input into RFPs, and even go on sales calls. So far, that describes almost every… Continue reading

How Do You Get Focused on Product Strategy?

The November Pivot Point Newsletter survey asked you how you get focused on the product strategy and the overall company strategy. Most of the Product Managers who responded to the survey say they start by looking at information from the market. This approach was chosen… Continue reading

Paycheck Predictions for 2010

Good news from the October “PM Paycheck Predictions” Survey! 39% are expecting an increase, although in a few cases it would just return them to their pre-crash pay levels. 43% are holding steady, including the entrepreneur who is reinvesting in their business. 18% predict a… Continue reading

How our readers contribute to the budgeting process

September’s 30-second survey asked about how product managers participate in the budgeting process. Continue reading

Self-Improvement Survey Results

August’s survey asked what source of career-related self improvement information you use most frequently. Continue reading