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You Can Lead Without Authority

Tom Grant’s recent post “Product Managers Must Have The Opportunity to Be Leaders” got me thinking again about this concept of authority and Product Management. Tom wraps up his post with this thought: “Best practices for PM’s role in innovation, or any other job function,… Continue reading

Hiring Product Managers: PM experience or SMEs?

If you’re in charge of hiring Product Managers in your organization, here’s a problem that you’ve puzzled over before or you’ll have again soon:  do you hire experienced product managers and teach them your business, or do you hire subject matter experts (SMEs) and teach… Continue reading

The Key to cross-functional team effectiveness

Here’s a great video clip about how to get your cross-functional team really pulling together: Requires registration (free).

PM vs. PO: The Bridge Between Agile and the Business

We’ve heard lots of discussion on how to fit Product Owners into organizations.  The answer is often  “It depends” … but we don’t see much discussion of the primary driver of that decision.  It’s not your culture, not the org chart, or the existing skill… Continue reading

Survey: Product Investments for 2010

Last month’s “Input” survey asked what product-related investments Product Managers will propose this year. The good news:  Even in this erratic economy, the majority of Product Managers are proposing investments in existing or new products.  When asked what type of product-related investments they would analyze or… Continue reading

Positioning Your Products Internally

I recently had the honor of participating on a panel for Woods Creek Consulting’s Sales Executive Peer Group.  The topic of discussion:  Building a Lengendary Relationship with Product Management.  There were several good points brought up in the conversation (more in future posts), but here’s… Continue reading

Three Tips for Working Better With Sales

Welcome to 2010!  For most of us, January brings a flurry of activity preparing for the annual Sales Kickoff.  Your Sales team is an important “window” into what’s going on in your market place.  Here are three of our favorite ways to make sure the window stays… Continue reading

Check out our Haiku page

Feel like you’re ready to tear your hair out?  Take a 30-second break and get a little product management zen on our Haiku page.   Then boil your situation down to 17 syllables and share them!

Linda shares Business Case Secrets at PMEC

This year’s Product Management Education Conference was the best, ever!  Great speakers, and always great to meet more product managers from around the world. Here’s our Business Case Secrets presentation for those who missed the conference.  Check out the Resources on slide 23 for a free… Continue reading

Good Execution Beats a Bad Idea

In case you haven’t figured it out, I read Fortune magazine regularly. This issue includes the “Best Advice I Ever Got” feature, with an interview of Wilbur Ross (of International Steel fame). He quotes a mentor as saying “You’re better off backing a mediocre idea… Continue reading