Agile Product Manager and Product Owner Skill Assessments

You’ve mastered this job, but how prepared are you to take the next step? Time to start thinking about how you’ll improve your skills in 2018! time to improve concept clock

Take one or both of the personalized skills assessments offered below.

The Agile Product Manager Skills Assessment helps you evaluate your current skills and behaviors across ten capability categories. These encompass key product management and product marketing responsibilities, as well as the most critical soft skills that cross-functional leaders need.

The Agile Product Owner Skills Assessment helps you evaluate your abilities across nine categories that encompass key product owner responsibilities and soft skills.

Both assessments are focused on capabilities needed for success working in Agile software development environments.

How It Works

Participants self-score their experience and knowledge relating to each area.  The experience is much like taking an online survey, and takes about 8-10 minutes to complete.  It’s easy!

You’ll receive a personalized assessment summary report providing insight for planning your next career moves.

For a limited time, both assessments are FREE!

Take one, or both!

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