2016 Best Books for Product Management

Here is our list of recommended reading and references for Product Managers and Product Marketers, updated for 2016!

You might notice that there aren’t very many books on the list that address Product Management and Product Marketing directly.  We believe that Product Managers and Product Marketers have to possess skills in a broad range of areas, in addition to being experts in the process.  The books on this list will give you additional skills and perspectives that will make you a more successful Product Manager!

We’ve read each of these works and find that we reach for them often as we work on product management projects and guide our clients.  Use the comments to let us know your favorite books!

Title, Author Comments
Lean, Rapid and Profitable

Cooper, Edgett

Best Lean Product Management Book.
Playing to Win

Lafley, Martin

A strategy model that works in every department, at every level of an organization.  Must-read!
Team of Teams


Why agility is essential in today’s business climate, and how to scale it within your organization.
How To Measure Anything


Great help in building business cases and setting benchmarks for process improvement.
The Lean Product Development Guide


Great Lean techniques for product design, with a bit of humor stirred in
Implementing Lean Software Development

Poppendieck, Poppendieck

Everything a product manager needs to know about how Lean principles apply to the software development process.
Running Lean


Applying Lean Canvas, our preferred method for lightweight, dynamic business cases.
Crossing the Chasm, Dealing with Darwin, Escape Velocity

Geoffrey Moore

Moore’s are the best books on high tech marketing and product strategy.  Very readable!
The Product Manager’s Desk Reference

Steven Haines

Excellent practical advice for approaching any product management task.
Portfolio Management for New Products

Cooper, Robert G

Best Portfolio Management book
The Big Book of Marketing

Anthony G. Bennett

Best approachable, experience-based Marketing text.
Pricing With Confidence

Holden, Burton

Best practical book on pricing.
Financial Intelligence

Berman, Knight

Best book on finance for non-financial managers.
Beyond Software Architecture

Luke Hohmann

Best book on business (product management) and software development interaction and decision-making.
User Stories Applied:  For Agile Software Development

Mike Cohn

Best book on requirements if you want to use ‘user story’ methodology with an Agile team.
Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise


While the book is about requirements and is excellent on that topic, it is also the best reference on scaling Agile in large enterprises.
Writing Effective Use Cases

Alistair Cockburn

Best book on requirements if you want to use ‘use case’ methodology.
Collaboration Explained

Jean Tabaka

Best book on how to run super-productive meetings.
Getting to Yes, 2nd Edition

Fisher, Patton, Ury

Best book on negotiating skills.
Marketing Management

Phillip Kotler

Classic overall Marketing text.
22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Ries and Trout

Ground truths in marketing.  Violate at your own risk.
The New Positioning


Classic from the master of positioning.
Business Model Generation

Osterwalder, Pigneur

Best book for understanding current business model patterns and how to improve your business model.
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